Snuggle with a ‘Professional Cuddler’ for $60 an Hour

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Who ever said the best things in life are free?

Graduate student Jacqueline Samuel has turned the act of cuddling into a business. In June, the 29-year-old launched the Snuggery, a company that allows clients to cuddle with her for $60 an hour. (Other options include a 45-minute session for $50 or a 90-minute session for $90.) Apparently, business is booming — so much that Samuel decided to hire an additional snuggling professional, the Daily Mail reports. She currently runs the business from her home in Penfield, N.Y., just outside Rochester.

“You feel more calm for days afterward,” Samuel told ABC affiliate WHAM-TV. “It has numerous health benefits.”

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While some have criticized Samuel’s business model, declaring it akin to prostitution, she’s made it clear that sex is not part of the equation. Sexual activity — or any touching that is sexual in nature — is against the rules. (Sexual arousal, however, is permissible.) But above all, the snuggling sessions are meant to be therapeutic and comforting, building on the “psychological and physical benefits of nonsexual touch,” according to the website.

Now that Samuel has hired another snuggler, clients can also opt for the “Double Cuddle” — that is, a snuggling session with both women at the same time. (That ups the price to $100 for 45 minutes, $120 for 60 minutes and $180 for 90 minutes.)

To build credibility and legitimacy, Samuel sought out some kind of professional cuddling license or training — but, as you might imagine, such a thing doesn’t really exist. Her expertise does, however, include the mastery of more than 100 snuggling positions, thanks to a handy little book called Cuddle Sutra.

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