Here’s the Inevitable Taiwanese Animation of President Obama’s Re-election

They're baaaaack. And this time someone does a 'Gangnam Style' dance.

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The sometimes bizarre renditions of pop-culture news by Taiwan’s Next Media Animation have become so frequent they’ve actually stopped being “inevitable” and are now just part of the news cycle. And as far as a jokey computer animated retellings of the presidential election are judged, the studio’s “Obama wins re-election!” clip does not deviate from the script.

It begins with the President and Mitt Romney boxing and exchanging blows in front of a banner of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog and a cheering press corps erupting after each direct hit. Later, Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan run into electoral brick walls named Ohio, Florida and Virginia and the president dances “Gangnam Style” after defeating the Republican nominee in a Mortal Kombat¬†style face-off.

“He promised to work with Republicans, but with a divided Congress remaining split can a divided government find its way forward?” reads the concluding subtitles. The end of the clip, however, doesn’t lend itself toward optimism: Uncle Sam gets his arms torn off by dueling partisans.

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