Rebecca Black, Meet Your Match: Introducing Nicole Westbrook with ‘It’s Thanksgiving’

This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for Nicole Westbook and Patrice Wilson. Why? Because they are now the top of my list of things I won't miss if the world ends on Dec. 21.

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This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for Nicole Westbook and Patrice Wilson. Why? Because they are now the top of my list of things I won’t miss if the world ends on Dec. 21, just slightly edging out super-mega-Frankenstorms.

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Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving,” which dropped on Thursday, deserves comparison with Rebecca Black’s bizarre earworm “Friday” for two reasons. First, because both are brain-obliteratingly bad songs, in the running to be considered some of the worst sounds made by humans ever. Second, because they were both produced by the inimitable Patrice Wilson, the tween-pop Svengali previously best known as the rapper in “Friday.” As it turns out, Wilson, who is also known as “Fat Usher,” quit “Friday” machine ARK Music Factory last year to found PMWLive, which is responsible this latest monstrosity.

Wilson is clearly a polished producer (in the most general sense of the word) but he is not a very creative songwriter. “It’s Thanksgiving” reuses some of “Friday”‘s worst tropes — on Thanksgiving, just like on Friday, “We we we we are gonna have a good time” — and the video features a similar gaggle of supportive friends and seriously low-budget graphics.

Tween pop aspirant Westbrook seems to really get what Thanksgiving is all about. Turkey, mashed potatoes, an alarming lack of parental units, absence of school, suspiciously delicious-looking macaroni and cheese, calendars (so many calendars), Sharpies, turkey drumsticks that can be repurposed as microphones, and creepy older men wearing chicken costumes.

Westbrook, unlike Black, appears to have a fairly advanced knowledge of dates (“December was Christmas/January was New Year/April was Easter/then the Fourth of July/but now it’s Thanksgiving!”)  as well as some serviceable rap skills (“Give ’em thanks, yo!”).

All that said, Westbrook’s “Dance Until Dawn” shirt, her awkward friends (at :44), and Wilson stealing the show by popping into frame (1:43) and knocking on her door in a chicken suit (2:22) make it all worth it. Or at least, once the Internet gets a hold of this, totally unavoidable.

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