Sky-Diving Cats and R. Kelly Make for a Pretty Amazing Insurance Ad

Sweden's oldest insurance agency dips their toe into the viral video pool and comes out a winner.

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It must be hard to make a splash when coming up with advertising for an insurance agency. The field is already crowded with such memorable figures as the Geico gecko, Flo from Progressive and Snoopy for Met Life. So how do you make sure potential customers sit up and take notice? You get a bunch of skydiving cats, set to an R.Kelly soundtrack. At least that’s what a Swedish insurance agency is hoping will happen.

The insurance company, Firm Folksam, made the quirky ad after asking its customers what they wanted to see in an advertising campaign, according to Orange. Apparently they wanted to see skydiving cats. The idea came from customer Eva Leijonmark who, fittingly, insured her pet with the company. According to Digital Spy, Leijonmark requested that the sky-diving cats write her name in the sky while R. Kelly’s inspirational track ‘”I Believe I Can Fly” played in the background. Why mess with perfection? Firm Folksam, Sweden’s oldest insurance company, created the ad to Leijonmark’s exact specifications and now the ad has become a viral sensation.

For those concerned that the cat is actually skydiving, fear not. The company assures viewers, “We love cats and this movie is obviously a trick shot. We have of course followed the Animal Welfare Act and not thrown out a few cuties from an airplane.”

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