WATCH: The 5 Best Viral Videos of November

From skydiving cats to a drunk descending an elevator, there were plenty of viral videos to be thankful for in November.

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Goodbye Thanksgiving, and hello holiday season. As we flip the calendar to December, let’s give thanks for a month that brought us new music by the folks behind Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the five Harvard students who launched a burger into the great beyond and a convincing explanation for why MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore. These and more are our favorite viral clips of the month.

While you probably don’t need a calendar to tell you that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving, 12-year-old singer Nicole Westbrook thought we, as a society, could use a bit of help. She released “It’s Thanksgiving” earlier this month, her first foray into the world of music. If this bubblegummy ode to turkey and stuffing sounds familiar, it’s because it sprang from the mind of Patrice Wilson, the same impresario who brought us Rebecca Black’s gloriously bad 2011 tune “Friday.” And Westbrook has clearly chosen the seat right behind Rebecca Black’s. While her song didn’t make quite as many waves – or annoy as many YouTube users – it still managed to give us some comedic relief from the holiday craziness.

So did this clip of a drunk businessman stumbling onto an escalator in the London Underground. Drunks are always fun to videotape (right, David Hasselhoff?) , but this man was so blitzed that he couldn’t figure out that the escalator wasn’t going the right way. If nobody had pressed the emergency stop button, we wonder how long he’d have kept trying to descend.

We also watched five Harvard students cement their names into the history books when they launched a hamburger into space. Coating it in varnish so it wouldn’t vaporize in the stratosphere, they attached the meat patty to a weather balloon and trained a camera on it. Also launched heavenward: a herd of cats that a Swedish insurance agency sent skydiving. Okay, that one was actually computer-generated, but it gives us hope for the future of feline extreme sports.

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And finally, we learned why we’ll probably get a dozen more spinoffs of Jersey Shore before MTV plays a single new music video. Sketch comedy group 5secondfilms created a parody interview with MTV’s “head of programming,” who explained it: basically, Millennials, it’s all your fault. Not to say it’s such a bad thing: we here at NewsFeed will forever appreciate the existence of Pauly D and friends – after all, our Jersey Shore to music video ratio must be something like 10-to-1.