Reading While Eating for Dec. 4: Countdown to the Royal Offspring

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Everything you didn't need to know about the future heir to the British throne.

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Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge takes part in a day of activities and festivities to mark the occasion of St Andrew's Day at St Andrew's School on November 30 in Pangbourne, Berkshire, England, less than a week before announcing her pregnancy.

Best Day Ever for the Daily Mail? The site has all the details on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy here. And we do mean all. (The Daily Mail)

… And Other British Tabloids, Too. The void left by the lack of Royal wedding coverage has finally been filled. (The New York Times)

What Causes Morning Sickness? There’s no definitive answer, though it’s worth noting that “morning” is a bit of a misnomer—nausea and other symptoms can often last all day and into the night. (Mental Floss)

How to Bet on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Baby. You know, if that sort of thing were legal in the U.S. and not a bit creepy. (TIME NewsFeed)

Speaking of a Little Creepy… Are you wondering where the royal fetus was conceived? Apparently you are not alone. (Gawker)

One Thing the Child Won’t Have to Worry About: Having a December birthday. Allegedly it’s a bit of a bummer. (Buzzfeed)

Top 10 Cry-Faces in Hollywood. Featuring James Van Der Beek, Claire Danes and Charlie Brown. Just in case you were looking for some inspiration this holiday season. (Flavorwire)

Ever Wondered What 21,000 Teddy Bears Look Like? Wonder no more. Thank you, Canada. (The Daily What)

Top 10 Everything of 2012. Disclaimer: This may keep you distracted until the end of the work day. (

Kim Kardashian Goes To Middle East… And causes a riot. And not the we’re-so-happy-to-see-you kind of riot. (YouTube via Warming Glow)