Reading While Eating for Dec. 11: Monkey Business

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: The fallout from the IKEA monkey and the latest lack of development in fiscal cliff talks.

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Bronwyn Page via The Canadian Press/AP

In this Dec. 9, 2012 photo, a small monkey wearing a winter coat and a diaper wanders around at an IKEA in Toronto. The monkey let itself out of its crate in a parked car and went for a walk. The animal's owner contacted police later in the day and was reunited with their pet, police said.

Monkey Wanders Ikea, Makes No Purchases. Thereby proving once and for all our primate cousins’ superior intellect. And, apparently, fashion sense. (NewsFeed)

…But Gets a Free Trip to a Sanctuary. That sounds nice, but wandering an IKEA all day seems like an awfully steep price. (The Daily Beast)

Monkey Memes? Why, we thought you’d never ask. (Gawker)

Speaking of Wandering Around Aimlessly… There have been no major developments in the fight over the fiscal cliff; entitlement cuts loom. (Swampland)

Republicans Focusing on More Pressing Matters: Appealing to the “mainstream media” community by spreading out from Fox News. (BuzzFeed)

Preserving the President: How Lincoln’s body made the trip from Washington to Springfield, Ill. after his assassination. The procession took nearly two weeks. (Mental Floss)

Twenty Classic Female-Fronted Hip-Hop Tracks. Salt-n-Pepa only appears once. Do with that information what you will. (Flavorwire)

Adrenaline Rush of the Day: Keeping ¬†with the theme of animals doing wild things in Toronto, here’s a family of ducks crossing a highway. It is nerve-wracking. (YouTube via The Daily What)