Reading While Eating for Dec. 28: Fun with Rockets

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: North Korea tricked the U.S. and we look back at the marvelous 2012 of JaVale McGee.

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REUTERS/South Korea's Defence Ministry/Handout

A piece of the wreckage of North Korea's Unha-3 (Milky Way 3) rocket is seen being pulled up by the South Korean navy, in this undated image released by South Korea's Defence Ministry in Seoul on Dec. 28, 2012.

North Korea May Have Deceived U.S. Prior to Rocket Launch. No way we could have expected that something like that from one of the most secretive countries in the world. (CNN)

Remembering Linsanity: One writer’s favorite sports moment of 2012 (Hint: The Lakers are also involved.) (Keeping Score)

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? How well do you know your New Year’s Eve trivia? Take the quiz! (Mental Floss)

A Selection of Dead New Yorkers That Living New Yorkers Need to Get Over. This seems unlikely if you’ve ever met a New Yorker. (Flavorwire)

Never Change, JaVale McGee: A rundown of the Nuggets star’s most wonderfully bizarre moments from the last year. (Buzzfeed)

This Isn’t Photoshopped of the Day: A pink lake in Western Australia. (The Daily What)

Prince Harry in 2012: The rare photo gallery that doesn’t include his infamous Las Vegas pictures. (Go Fug Yourself)

Famous People Playing Themselves. A necessary supercut if ever there were one. (YouTube via FilmDrunk)