Warm and Fuzzy: Heart Puppet Steals the Show in New Online Dating Ad

The cardiac companion in Zoosk's viral ad is your new best friend.

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Zoosk is an online-dating service that integrates with existing social networks such as Facebook, but the real star of the show isn’t the dreamboats it sets you up with — it’s your very own heart.

A giant, fuzzy heart with a penchant for back talk and snogging with your laptop, that is. A new commercial for Zoosk is getting some buzz, according to Ad Age, thanks to a sassy puppet on a mission to hook his single lady up with some eligible bachelors. Online dating would probably be a lot easier if everyone had a cardiac companion to screen potential suitors and help them steer clear of perilous creeps.

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The dating service, founded in 2007 by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, is no stranger to off-beat video advertising: Rapper Flo Rida and master of Auto-Tune T-Pain actually filmed a music video about the site in 2010. “Zoosk Girl,” which borrows part of its melody from Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” finds T-Pain extolling the virtues of the super-freaky Zoosk Girl, “the girl that do everything.”

Zoosk’s envelope-pushing sometimes gets them into trouble, though. Europe actually banned one of the company’s earlier commercials for being too violent. Apparently jocks wreaking havoc on unsuspecting bar patrons with stray darts is a sight unfit for the masses, but emergency allergies, broken glass and bonked heads are totally fine. Who knew dating could be so dangerous?

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