WATCH: A Live-Action Remake Of Toy Story

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Everybody loves Toy Story, but few love it as much as Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta. The Apache Junction, Ariz., duo spent the last two years crafting a live-action shot-for-shot remake of the Pixar classic. The final result is a dazzling 80-minute love letter to the movie, using 150 actors, stop-motion animated effects, puppets and the film’s original soundtrack to pay homage to the tale of friendship, loyalty and love shown in Toy Story.

Pauley, 19, and Perrotta, 21, saw Toy Story 3 in theaters in June 2010 and started the Live-Action Toy Story Project soon after, the East Valley Tribune reported in October. They have been documenting the project via a Facebook page, which has allowed friends and a growing group of fans to follow along as the project slowly grew in scope and now includes behind-the-scenes production photos and teasers and trailers for the film. The film premiered on YouTube in August, but was only uploaded in full on Jan. 12. It has already earned more than 1.8 million views on YouTube. Even Pixar is impressed with the film; the pair recently were invited to company headquarters and were able to pass out DVDs of their work in front of the studio, according to their Facebook page.

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