Male Dutch Television Hosts Suffer Through Simulated Birth

If it were up to Kate Middleton, they'd have some simulated hyperemesis gravidarum

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Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, the hosts of the Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs, are no strangers to stomach-churning stunts. They narrowly avoided legal action in 2011 after eating pieces of each other’s flesh on air. But their latest one probably upset their tummies more than those of anyone in the audience.

During their Jan. 14 show, Storm and Zeno shared footage of themselves experiencing simulated labor pains at the hands of some all-too-eager female technicians. In order to understand “the worst pain there is” the only way men can, they strapped some electrodes onto their abdomens to experience contractions.

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What ensued was cringe-worthy for men and delightful glee for women. Though they started out with intermittent giggles and groans, the pair were clutching pillows and each other in misery by the end of the nearly 10-minute ordeal. The hosts didn’t have to experience the final act of birth (we don’t want to know how they would simulate that), but their sheer agony was enough proof that they got the idea.

Still, their “labor” was far shorter than what most women endure, with or without an epidural. In the end, Zeno summed up the challenge as “torture” and wondered aloud if his wife should go through the same pain.