Reading While Eating for Jan. 23: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: North America vs. the cold, Hillary vs. the Senators and Manti Te'o vs. the world

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Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

A man's breath condenses as he walks in single digit temperatures on a cold morning in Boston, Massachusetts January 23, 2013.

Bundle Up. The Arctic cold front sweeping across the country has reached the Northeast and the Times is ON IT(New York Times via Twitter)

Deep Freeze: Temperatures hit multi-year lows from Chicago to Washington, D.C. this week. Near Pittsburgh, the AAA reported more than 300 people stranded and requiring assistance after their cars wouldn’t start. (Washington Post; CBS News)

Clinton vs. the Senators: Hillary Clinton answered questions from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Administration’s handling of last year’s Benghazi attacks, and things got a little testy. Watch the video here. (

Bullet Dodged: Rand Paul didn’t help matters by telling Secretary of State Clinton that if he’d have been President, she’d have been fired by now. (Mediaite)

Did She or Didn’t She? Lest the Benghazi testimony take us away from the big story in Washington, the world still needs to know whether or not Beyoncé lip synced her performance of The National Anthem. Maybe it was both. (NPR)

So What Did She Sing? Whitney Houston’s National Anthem, of course. (YouTube)

These Guys Again. The National Rifle Association blasts Obama’s inaugural speech, accusing the president of trying to “turn absolutism into a dirty word.” (BuzzFeed)

Worried About Facebook Graph Search Yet? It could get creepy. (Tumblr)

Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, Chameleon. The fight over the serial (or Oxford) comma gets ugly.  (Mental Floss)

The Craziest Rumors in the Music Business. Not including Rumors, the Fleetwood Mac album, which we only mention to make sure you have “Go Your Own Way” stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon. (Flavorwire)

You Probably Saw This Coming: In an interview airing Thursday, Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o tells Katie Couric why he lied about his fake dead girlfriend. But while you’re waiting for that train wreck, check out Funny or Die‘s spoof eHarmony ad. (Funny or Die via The Daily

Manti Te’o’s EHarmony Ad – watch more funny videos