Early Winner of Super Bowl XLVII? Colin Kaepernick’s Tattoo Artist

The only thing more impressive than the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback's 7-2 record are his amazing tattoos.

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Dave Martin / AP

San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick warms up before the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013, in Atlanta.

If you’d been told at the start of the football season that Colin Kaepernick was not only going to be the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers but would be leading them onto the field in the Super Bowl, it’s fair to say you might not have taken the claim too seriously.

Fast forward to the playoffs and Kaepernick, who has impressed since taking over from Alex Smith in November, will be leading his team down to New Orleans, where the 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens on Feb. 3. In fact the only thing that may be more impressive than Kaepernick’s performance are his multifarious tattoos, which cover both upper arms, much of his chest and his entire back.

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In fact, the only person who’s doing better out of this entire situation may be Nes Andrion, the Reno, Nev. tattoo artist who has been putting ink on Kaepernick since 2008, when he played for the University of Nevada. As Kaepernick’s wins have piled up (he’s had seven victories in nine starts), customers have been flocking to Andrion as well. “I was pretty amazed by it, because I didn’t really expect it was going to be this big, you know?” Andrion told CBS News.

It doesn’t hurt that after every touchdown he scores, the 49er kisses his tattoo-covered bicep. And if Kaepernick leads the 49ers to their first Super Bowl victory since the 1994 season, in what would only be his 10th career start, Andrion might not believe the line which awaits him on Monday morning.

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