Japanese Café Offers Chocolate Face Truffles as Valentine Gifts

Ah, Valentine's Day. The perfect occasion to give roses, kisses and perhaps edible versions of your lover's head

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Fab Cafe

Pay a visit to the Fab Café in Tokyo, and your Valentine’s Day gift may get a really, really personal touch.

As a promotion, the café near Tokyo’s Shibuya train station is offering to make chocolate versions of people’s heads for about $40, reports Wired. Using a 3-D scanner, they make a mold of your loved one’s face, which is then filled with chocolate. You even get to keep the mold. (Yay?)

Unfortunately, this service is only available to women, notes the Huffington Post. In Japan, women give, rather than receive, chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and there is increasing pressure to buy more elaborate and personalized gifts.

As for the Fab Café, this unusual promotion is not actually that odd. Equipped with a range of sophisticated digital tools, the café has long provided 3-D printing services in-store, along with a variety of drinks.

And it’s not the only coffee shop in Japan that has acquired a bit of a unique taste. Now you can sip a cup of coffee while cuddling cats in so-called neko (cat in Japanese) cafés or hang out with your favorite anime characters in Kigurumi cafés, where women dress up in cartoon costumes.

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