Tumblr of the Week: Famous Movies Scenes as Seen Through Google Street View

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Last year NewsFeed rounded up our 30 favorite Tumblr blogs — but it may be time to update the list.

Google Street Scene, our latest Tumblr obsession, takes screenshots from movies and reimagines them as if they’d been captured by Google Street View. But finding the right scenes — and gently doctoring them — is harder than it seems. The blog’s creater, Tre Baker, told Entertainment Weekly that he focuses on “street, sidewalk, or porch scenes.” In other words: scenes that, from the right angle, could have realistically been shot from Google’s Street View camera car. Baker also said he makes sure to avoid the types of shots you’d rarely see on Street View: those taken at night, inside cars, inside parking garages, etc.

Once he’s selected the scene, Baker adds little flourishes to truly transform the images into believable Street View captures: blurred faces, boxes with the scene’s location, the odd photo-stitching glitch, and even traces of the camera car’s shadow.

“I got the idea after someone posted this very fake image on a message board,” Baker told EW. His first stab at the project was this scene from the 1989 film Mystery Train, and that soon led to the birth of the Tumblr. Some of the movies that have already received the Street View treatment include The Blues BrothersMaximum OverdriveThe Godfather and The Bourne Identity. But Baker is open to suggestions — so if you think your favorite movie features an eligible scene, shoot him an email.

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