Amazing Online Resume Looks Just Like Amazon’s Product Page — and Inspires Copycats

This one's going on the wedding registry.

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There’s only one Philippe Dubost left in stock – order soon!

Dubost, a Paris-based web product manager, won his very own slice of viral Internet fame last week with an online resume that reads exactly like an product page. Product dimensions? 186 centimeters. Average customer review? Five stars, with choice quotes from various references (though there are some one-star ratings from a few scorned ex-girlfriends). Gift-wrap? Available, with frustration-free breathable packaging.

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Dubost mirrored the Amazon experience to a T, fitting his skills, qualifications and contact info into the template — and, unsurprisingly, attracked enough traffic to test the limits of Dubost’s free web server. Now, the media requests and praise are rolling in, proving he’s managed a pretty awesome web product. He’s even added an Amazon-style “instant update,” thanking everyone for the feedback.

But be warned: creative resumes don’t always highlight an applicant’s skills. Gimmicks, hard-to-read fonts and weird formatting can easily move your resume to the bottom of the virtual stack. Sonya Williams, a lab technician in Lansing, Mich., actually put herself up for auction on eBay in an attempt to get a job, and posted her resume. Her contact info is whited-out, which probably isn’t too helpful when you’re trying to get hired. A real eBay auction page seems creepier than a copycat Amazon website, especially when Williams starts the bidding at a mere 99 cents and describes herself as being in just-okay condition, with “no defects or wear and tear” — hard to compete with Dubost’s super-detailed, five-star version of himself. Also, NewsFeed isn’t sure if it’s even legal to sell yourself online.

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