Reading While Eating for Jan. 29: Getting Ready for Some Football

Must-read links for your lunch break: Game day approacheth, and people are already stealing chicken wings.

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Justin Smith of the San Francisco 49ers answers questions from the media during Super Bowl XLVII Media Day on January 29, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Game On! The Super Bowl is nearly upon us! If you happen to be betting on the game (not that you are) and are looking for something to give you an edge (not that you would) here are 9 unorthodox predictions (not that you care). (

Foot-in-Mouth-Ball: It’s Super Bowl Media Day, and Joe Flacco has already managed to say something kind of offensive. (BuzzFeed)

What Is Wrong with You People? Thieves in Atlanta absconded with $65,000 worth of chicken wings in the runup to the Big Game. Chicken wings. And now folks are also stealing manhole covers and, in South Africa, dreadlocks. Come on. (The Week)

Inconvenient Truths: What diplomats know, but won’t say, about foreign policy. (Foreign Policy)

Hey, I know that voice! Here’s what it’s like to be Hulu Guy, the ‘Mr. Moviefone‘ of the 21st century. (BuzzFeed)

This Is Making Us Dizzy of the Day: The first panoramic photo from the top of the world’s tallest building. (Gizmodo)

The Force Is with Him: Here’s 10 ways that J.J. Abrams, set to helm the next episode of Star Wars, has already been influenced by the films. (Flavorwire)

11 Shocking TV Deaths. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Downton Abbey, don’t click this link. DO NOT EVEN. We have already said too much. (Mental Floss)

Congratulations, Internet Hoaxers! Remember that video of a golden eagle snatching up a toddler from a Canadian park? Not only was it a hoax, it was such a good hoax that the art school behind it earned enough ad money to create a scholarship. (The Daily

Is this Super Bowl Commercial Racist? We think someone at Volkswagen got a little overconfident after their awesome Darth Vader spot in 2011. (YouTube via The Atlantic)