No Mas: Taco Bell Yanks Ad That Mocked Vegetarians

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Taco Bell’s new ad won’t “live mas” after a Twitter campaign has prompted the fast-food chain to pull the campaign. The 15-second commercial implied that veggie eaters were wimps – by stating outright that eating veggies was a “cop out.” The disparaging remarks about vegetable platters came just in time for the Super Bowl and catered directly to football fans, even pulling phrases out of a gridiron playbook: “Veggies on game day is like punting on fourth and one.”

Tacos aren’t exactly one of the five food groups, but the ad attempts to promote Taco Bell’s Variety 12-pack as an essential part of any game-day meal. A veggie platter sits idly by as famished football fans snap up tacos from a box. If you’re the person who brings an assortment of celery, peppers and broccoli to a party, “secretly, people kind of hate you for it,” the ad states bluntly.

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It was all enough to make herbivores sob into their watercress salads. Even worse, it incurred the wrath of a national nutrition group, the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest, which asked supporters to tweet Taco Bell about the ad.

After the CSPI inspired a torrent of complaints, Taco Bell decided to stop airing the commercial. “We didn’t want anyone to misinterpret the intent of the ad,” a spokesman said.

Ultimately, the CSPI praised the fast-food chain for its reaction. In a statement released Monday, CSPI nutrition policy director Margo G. Wootan said: “Thanks to Taco Bell for responding with record speed to address nutritionists’ and consumers’ concern.” And anyway, who cares? Soon there’ll be enough Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Tacos for everyone.

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