The 5 Best Viral Videos of January

Watch your step -- January was a dangerous month for viral videos: sneaky ice took down Brits and knives were flying on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show.

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Watch your step — January was a dangerous month for viral videos: Will Ferrell attacked Ryan Gosling with a samurai sword, a slippery snow patch took down some Brits and car without a driver freaked out drive-through employees. Fear not, though — no one was harmed in the making of these videos, so you shouldn’t guiltily suppress your laughter while you watch some sneaky ice take down unsuspecting residents of Norwich, England.

If these videos prove anything, it’s that nothing grips our fleeting Internet attention spans like a well-placed camera set-up. Even if it makes us a little woozy to watch, one New York Philharmonic trombonist put a camera on his instrument to give us a new perspective on how he makes his sweet, sweet music. We’re not even weirded out from staring at his face for so long. And while Ferrell’s fake QVC Knife Guys segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live took late-night television to the viral web, Rahat Hossain’s car seat-mimicking costume terrified food service workers in a hilarious way that just can’t be recreated on a sound stage.

Here’s one thing you can do without a camera: bad lip reading. Football is bound to be unavoidable this weekend as the Super Bowl kicks off. Whether or not you care for the sport, you can apparently have a lot more fun watching NFL events with the sound off. Just make up the ridiculous dialogue yourself, as we learned from the mash-up of game clips. If you like your laughs overdubbed, you’re in luck — we’ve got an orange peanut for you.

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