Hitler’s Toilet Resides in a N.J. Auto-Repair Shop

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Hitler’s yacht, the Aviso Grille.

As dinner-party conversation goes, owning Adolf Hitler’s toilet is hardly a bad place to start.

An accidental antiques collector took possession of the dictator’s porcelain privy when he purchased an auto-repair shop in Florence, N.J., almost two decades ago, reports Tablet magazine.

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The toilet was originally installed on Hitler’s yacht, the 400-500ft Aviso Grille, which was also the very place where Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz first announced the Führer’s death on May 1, 1945.

“[Hitler] wanted to ride it down the Thames in London and go live in Windsor Palace when he invaded,” the latrine’s owner, Greg Kohfeldt, told Tablet. The ship boasted a crew of 245 and a private room for Eva Braun; it was one of the largest private vessels in the world at the time.

Although some may question the commode’s authenticity, plenty of evidence points to this being the real deal. A sink from the same ship bears the maker’s stamps and faucets in the “Blackletter” font favored by the regime.

Hitler memorabilia has long been a popular draw with collectors. His reading glasses were listed at auction for around $8,000 in October 2011, while his cigarette holder had a starting price of $15,000. Personalized bed linens belonging to the dictator, emblazoned with an eagle perched on a swastika inside a circle, were auctioned in the U.K. city of Bristol with an asking price of $4,700.

But the most expensive Hitler memorabilia ever sold was his Mercedes, which was purchased by a Russian billionaire in 2008 for $8 million. His 1939 Auto-union D-type race car was expected to fetch $15 million, but had to be withdrawn from auction due to improper information about its history.)

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