WATCH: The Dunder Mifflin Ad that Aired in Scranton During the Super Bowl

The fictional paper company made famous by NBC's 'The Office' debuted its very first TV commercial during the third quarter of the big game.

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During last night’s Super Bowl, NewsFeed reviewed each and every commercial that aired during the game. But there was one spot we missed — because it only aired in Scranton, Penn. Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company made famous by NBC’s The Office, debuted its very first TV commercial during the third quarter of the big game. But alas, only viewers in the city where the series takes place had the opportunity to see it live.

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Though the mid-range office products firm was once alive only in the hearts of Office fans, it was technically defictionalized in 2011 when paper company Quill struck a licensing deal with NBC to manufacture Dunder Mifflin products in real life. And so here we are, with a legitimate ad to promote the products. The company crowd-sourced for the commercial, and the judging panel — made up of producers from The Office and executives from Quill and NBCUniversal — selected this 30-second spot, Entertainment Weekly reports. Dubbed “Paper War,” the ad was created by Freddy Rabbath, of Tallahasse, Fla., who won $15,000 for the project.

The real question, though, is whether The Office‘s characters would give the ad their seal of approval. After all, they once got together to create their own commercial for the company. They even composed their own jingle to promote it, too. So the bar is set pretty high. But most of all, we just hope Dunder Mifflin’s former boss, Michael Scott, would give the thumbs up, because when he disapproves of something (or someone) — he really disapproves.

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