Bar Refaeli and the Nerd: That Unbearable GoDaddy Kiss Took 60 Takes

It was the Super Bowl ad you couldn't look away from, and the 10-second kiss took as many as 60 takes to get right.

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It was the Super Bowl ad you couldn’t look away from: supermodel Bar Refaeli and Walter the Nerd making out, accompanied by what TIME’s James Poniewozik called “some of the most unsettling wet sound effects this side of a Walking Dead zombie killing.” But the real shocker? The sloppy kiss, which lasted almost ten seconds, took as many as 60 takes to get right.

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Jesse Heiman, who played Walter, has offered up some candid details about the smooch. “It was somewhere between 45 and 65 [takes],” the 34-year-old Heiman told CNN. “I know the rumors online are that I was the one asking for more takes, but it was actually give-and-take – she was asking for more, too.”

As for the kiss itself? “It was like kissing paradise. Like kissing God’s hands,” Heiman told the New York Daily News.

In case you missed it, the 30-second ad (see it here) that ran during the first quarter of Sunday’s game touts Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli as the sexy side of the company, and the chubby Bostonian actor as the buttoned-up Walter, the smart side. “Together they’re perfect,” says longtime spokeswoman Danica Patrick, as the two go in for the kiss.

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While there are probably a lot of people who would be willing to lock lips with the 27-year-old one-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model for free, sources told the Daily News that Heiman probably pulled in between $35,000 and $50,000 for his work. The career Hollywood extra has appeared in about 65 roles and is a longtime fixture on movie and TV sets despite rarely getting speaking parts.

“I’m glad to represent the fat guy or the nerd guy,” he told CNN. “All those stories about people getting bullied, I’m glad to represent them and show that you can accomplish anything if you dream big.”

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