Reading While Eating for Feb. 11: Pope No More

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Pope Benedict XVI is poised to resign and the fallout from the 2013 Grammy's.

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Tony Gentile/Reuters

Pope Benedict XVI arrives to attend a meeting with seminarians at the Romano Maggiore seminary in Rome on February 8.

Pope Benedict XVI to Resign. The 85-year-old head of the Catholic Church cited his age and declining physical and mental capabilities as reasons for the decision. (Washington Post)

Could There Be Other Factors? There are a few possible reasons behind the first papal resignation in more than half a millennium. Dan Brown probably has other theories as well. (

Four Other Popes Who Resigned. Two were named Gregory. Coincidence? Probably. (mental_floss)

19 People Who Know Who the Next Pope Should Be. These are Twitter people, so, you know, grain of salt and all that. (BuzzFeed)

The 55th Grammy Awards Occurred. A few people won, more people lost. Everyone’s talking about Taylor Swift and Chris Brown, so it’s safe to assume nothing happened that will change the course of human history. (Los Angeles Times)

The Best and Worst of the Show. Did you know there were 20 performances? That seems like a lot for a three-hour show. (

Speaking of the Grammy’s (Or Not-Grammy’s)… How did Justin Bieber do as SNL host over the weekend? If you saw the promos, you can probably guess. (Flavorwire)

The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden… Is Screwed.¬†Highly recommended if your lunch break is going to be a lengthy one. (Esquire)

How People on the East Coast Prepare For a Blizzard. There was also quite a bit of snow in the New England area over the weekend. Here’s how one man handled it. Let’s hope he got that bread and milk. (YouTube via The Daily What)