WATCH: 9-Year Old Wins $5,000 with an Amazing Hockey Shot

9-year old Tyson Greenhorn sank a shot from center ice and won $5,000 for it

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When 9-year old Tyson Greencorn fell on the ice at Canso and Area Arena in Nova Scotia, Canada, he probably wasn’t expecting an ovation. However, Tyson had just sunk a near-impossible shot from center ice worth $5,000 — which is why the arena erupted in cheers.

As part of a school fundraiser on Friday, the East Coast Musicians hockey team faced off against the students and staff of Nova Scotia’s Canso Academy. During the match there were three opportunities to win $5,000 by shooting a goal from center ice into a small hole carved into a board covering the net, but only Tyson was able to pull it off. The shot that the 9-year old sunk started out rocky, as he slipped just as he hit the puck, but no one could complain about his form, considering the result.

The only thing left is for Tyson to decide how to spend his winnings.

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