Chocolate Love: Belgium’s New Stamps Taste Like Confection When Licked

The love of Belgium chocolate travels far and wide.

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It is a chocolate lover’s idea of a perfect postage stamp: Everything is coca-scented and even the glue tastes like chocolate when licked. To celebrate Belgium’s renowned chocolatiers, the country’s post office, Bpost, has launched a set of limited-edition stamps that smells and tastes like chocolate, the BBC reports.

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According to the BBC, more than 500,000 stamps are being printed out on special paper that gives off the aroma of chocolate. The glue melts on the tip of your tongue just like a piece of chocolate. The secret of Bpost’s tasty stamps lies in their varnish:  It contains 40 percent of a cocoa product and was developed by an international team of fragrance and taste experts after a thorough research on scratch-and-sniff technologies.

The special stamps feature famous Belgian chocolate in its various delicious forms: sprinkles, chocolate, nutella, rough pieces and chocolate bars. This series of five stamps, intended for overseas mail, will cost about $8 when it goes on sale on March 25, according to Agence France-Presse.

“It is not the first scented stamp … but this time it has been combined with a flavor,” the Belgian postal service said, according to AFP.

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