Dating Website Offers $4.65 Million to Rename Texas City ‘, U.S.A’

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A city in Texas has been offered $4.65 million to be renamed after a dating website., a website that links rich older men with younger women, is celebrating a decade of intergenerational matchmaking by trying to rebrand affluent Sugar Land, TX, as “, U.S.A.” Mayor James A. Thompson politely declined the company’s initial offer of $500,000, leading them to return with a bumped-up bid.

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“We are very serious about branding the city and giving birth to the first dating site-sponsored city in America,” says Steven Pasternack, CEO of “We thought it would be a great way to get the word out about our 10-year anniversary, and to be a permanent part of the Great State of Texas.”

If agreed, the deal would see local landmarks and amenities renamed for up to ten years. The Sugar Land Memorial Park, Los Creek Park, Oyster Creek Park Trail, City Fire Department and Regional Airport would all bear the moniker ‘SugarDaddie,’ while Pasternack is also demanding a key to the city to be presented during a formal ceremony.

However, it seems unlikely that any bid would be successful, considering Mayor Thompson derided the firm’s original offer as nothing more than a publicity stunt. “We have an assessed value of over $10 billion in our city — I think it’s very clever marketing on their part,” he told the Houston Business Journal. But he took an air of appreciation, too. “It’s pretty cool to be recognized like that.”

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Sugar Land, TX, a town of 80,000 in the Houston suburbs, is among the fastest-growing and most affluent cities in the Lone Star State — a natural draw for the renaming ploy. Nevertheless, Pasternack is so desperate for a marketing tool that he is prepared to look elsewhere if necessary — but only within the confines of similarly-named locales.

“If we can’t get a favorable outcome with the folks in Sugar Land, TX, we’re looking into other cities like Sugar City, Colorado, Sugar Creek, Missouri and others,” he said. “We are hell-bent on creating the first dating site-sponsored city in America.”

Mayor Thompson is due to announce a decision on the offer outside the Sugar Land City Hall at noon on Tuesday.

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