Jeep’s Twitter Account Hacked, Too

Looks like hackers are driving Jeep's Twitter feed.

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Looks like hackers are driving Jeep’s Twitter feed today.

As part of the stunt, Jeep account’s new profile announced that the company has been “sold to Cadillac” and boasted a new motto for the auto brand, “Just Empty Every Pocket.”  Earlier, the company’s Twitter avatar was the Cadillac logo, Mashable points out.



The tweets are similar to the ones that came from @BurgerKing’s Twitter account yesterday after the fast food chain’s account was hacked. For nearly an hour and 15 minutes, pranksters changed Burger King’s avatar to the McDonald’s logo and tweeted out a series of posts ranging from the humorous to the offensive before Twitter suspended the account.

Is being the victim of a Twitter hack the best way to get people to talk about your company? Shortly after Jeep’s account was hijacked, MTV and BET, both owned by Viacom, appeared to have been hacked as well.



But turns out, the entertainment companies were just kidding. We can’t say we’re too surprised; this is the same corporation that brought you Punk’d and now, Catfish.



As of 4:30 pm Eastern Time, Jeep had regained control over its account:

Meanwhile, the tech news site Gizmodo reported that it had traced the Jeep and Burger King hacks to a New England DJ through his various tweets and Facebook posts.

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