Michelle Obama Busts a Move with Jimmy Fallon

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The First Lady is living her “Let’s Move” motto to its finest. On Friday, Michelle Obama visited Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show to bust some serious moves.

To honor the third anniversary of her children’s-fitness campaign, she joined Fallon — who donned a blonde wig and some pastel yellow pants that sat somewhere between capris and trousers — showed off the “Evolution of Mom Dance,” offering up the best matronly moves that we so dearly love, from “the shopping cart” to “raise the roof.” But Fallon seemed genuinely stumped when Michelle Obama did the Dougie, at which point she was left on stage alone to shimmy the show into a commercial break.

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Their moves, though, meant no disrespect to those who use prepackaged dance moves — the skit was a parody of the historical YouTube hit “Evolution of Dance,” which has been viewed over 200 million times. After strutting her moves, the First Lady sat down with Fallon for a quick chat, discussing her wellness campaign and her husband’s second term. And what would she do when they move out of the White House in four years? “I hear that when Jay Leno retires that The Tonight Show position is going to open — and I’m thinking about putting my hat in the ring,” she joked.