WATCH: Menswear Dog Comes to Play with TIME

The three-year-old shiba inu star of Menswear Dog isn't just cute, he's high fashion. But we couldn't settle for pictures alone -- we had to get him in our office.

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Adorable animals and the Internet go hand-in-hand — and we make no apologies for perpetuating the cuteness of the animal kingdom. The halls of TIME are hallowed by canine celebrities, so when Menswear Dog stormed the Web with his fashionable cuteness, we knew we had to shake his paw.

The star of the show is Bodhi, a stylish Shiba Inu who appears on the Menswear Dog blog rocking catalog-caliber looks. He transforms cuteness into cool, dabbling in haute-couture with his arsenal of denim jackets and skinny ties (that really belong to his owner) — and most crucially, his expressive looks most mutts wish they could mug.

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Bodhi’s outfits may look straight off the set of a high-budget photo shoot, but the Menswear Dog project is surprisingly DIY: Husband-and-wife team David Fung and Yena Kim capture the looks right in their Manhattan apartment. They’re a creative couple by nature — Fung is a graphic designer, Kim is a fashion designer — so when boredom struck one afternoon in late January, they pulled outfits straight out of Fung’s closet and right onto Bodhi’s paws.

Overnight success is a rarity these days, but the viral popularity of Menswear Dog comes pretty close. Within days of snapping the first shots, the blog received attention from newspapers and blogs all over the world. The more time we spent on the site, though, the more we realized we couldn’t just settle for ogling at Bodhi from the other side of a computer — we had to experience the magic in person. We invited the Menswear Dog team to our office to give us a sneak peek at how the Internet’s most fashionable pooch gets to look so fly. (Hint: It involves lots of tasty treats.)

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