WATCH: Chinese Official’s Airport Rampage Caught on Video

CPPCC member Yan Linkun's violent temper tantrum at the Kunming airport has gone viral in China.

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A video showing a Chinese official throwing a violent temper tantrum at an airport has gone viral in China.

Following the Chinese New Year, Yan Linkun, a mining company executive and member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC), a government advisory board, arrived at Kunming Changshui airport, in Yunnan province, to catch a flight back to Guangzhou with his wife and two children.

But the family arrived too late, and missed their plane. Yan decided to use the two-hour wait for the next flight to treat his family to a leisurely breakfast. But on returning to the boarding gate they discovered that they had missed the second flight as well, reports the Daily Telegraph.

That was when Yan flew into a tantrum, first reportedly arguing with airport staff and then smashing a keyboard on a desk and destroying two computer monitors – all caught on security cameras.

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A large crowd—including several airport security staff—gathered behind a rope barrier, but no attempt was made to restrain Yan as he continued his rampage.

Yan has been suspended by the mining company and the CPPCC has threatened punishment, reports the Guardian.

But users of social networking site Sina Weibo were not impressed, as the Times of London reports, noting that Chinese are increasingly disgusted by the behavior of their politicians — especially members of the CPPCC, who are seen as having gained their positions through wealth and business connections. As one user posted:

“Nowadays in some places electing CPPCC members, the only standard is money.

“Their inner quality has never been considered, which is very dangerous.”

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