Pippa Middleton Gets a Supermarket Magazine Job

Pippa Middleton is trying her hand at writing again, but this time, for a supermarket magazine in the U.K.

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Neil Hall / Reuters

Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, promotes her first book "Celebate" in London on Oct. 25, 2012.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister will pen a column called “Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts” for shoppers of the British supermarket Waitrose, according to the Guardian.

Pippa Middleton will be dishing “casual dining ideas and recipes” in a regular feature for the magazine Waitrose Kitchen beginning in April.  The issue will also feature the younger Middleton on the front cover, the Telegraph noted.

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Waitrose is one of Britain’s more upscale supermarket chains; former British Prime Minister Tony Blair used to shop for his groceries there, according to the Daily Beast.  It also holds a “Royal Warrant” with Queen Elizabeth II – a mark of recognition given to people or companies who supply goods or services to the Royal Family.

On Monday, Pippa said of her new stint with Waitrose Kitchen in a press release:

“I’m delighted to be writing for Waitrose Kitchen, a magazine that’s always been a source of inspiration to me, for its extensive spectrum of food and beautiful style.  My column, ‘Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts’ will be an exciting opportunity to share my own passion and enthusiasm for food and entertaining and I can’t wait to get started.”

Pippa launched her first book, Celebrate – a cookbook and entertaining guide – in October to a less-than-regal reception.  The publication was met with harsh reviews, mocked for being over simplistic, and was marked down to half-price soon after it was released.

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Pippa’s latest job is also getting its fair share of flak.  Guy Woodward, an editor at Food and Travel Magazine, tweeted:

However, the editor of Waitrose Kitchen, William Sitwell, said, “Pippa will be an excellent contributor to the magazine, bringing with her a wealth of experience of entertaining, gained in part from working at her family’s party business,” the Telegraph reported.

The April issue of Waitrose Kitchen will go on sale in the supermarket on March 28th.