WATCH: A 90-Year History of TIME Covers in 120 Seconds

90 years of TIME history, encapsulated in an eye-opening two-minute video. Enjoy!

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Did you know TIME didn’t always have a red border? It’s true. Back in March of 1923, when the magazine first hit newsstands, the cover was a white affair. A few years later, the border switched to red; a few years after that, in hopes of compensating for an editorial oversight, the “Person of the Year” franchise was born, to ensure Charles Lindbergh’s face appeared on the cover after his famous flight across the Atlantic.

This weekend, TIME celebrates its 90th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, has rolled out an extensive array of special birthday celebrations. Over at, you’ll find a gallery of 90 covers that encapsulate world history so far, as well as a historical breakdown of which celebrities and showbiz stars graced the cover through the decades and a hilarious poll that allows visitors to vote for the cheesiest TIME cover ever conceived. You can also read Joel Stein’s take on TIME, which he calls his “90-year-old sugar-daddy boyfriend.” Readers can also share their favorite TIME covers and memories on Twitter via the hashtag #90YearsofTIME — and then scroll through what other people have been saying for inspiration.

Perhaps the most unique addition to this year’s 90th celebration is the above video – a rapid-fire highlight reel from TIME’s extensive archive. Choosing the most colorful, substantive and important covers from the past 90 years, the video encapsulates 90 years of storied TIME history in only 120 seconds.