Reading While Eating for Mar. 5: How to Celebrate the Dow Jones Record

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Why the Dow Jones and 'potato parties' are two great tastes that go great together.

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Brendan McDermid / Reuters

A board displays the Dow Jones Industrial average after the close at the New York Stock Exchange on March 4. The Dow closed within 40 points of its all-time closing high, recovering from early losses on plans to tighten curbs on China's housing market, as well as a slowdown in the growth of that country's services sector.

Hold Everything: The latest craze sweeping Japan and Korea is the “potato party,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: people go to McDonalds and basically order all of the french fries, then eat them. (The Daily What)

Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits Record High. So… Potato parties for everyone? (Washington Post)

Could Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Trip Affect U.S. Policy? It doesn’t seem wildly off-base to say that literally nothing Dennis Rodman does or doesn’t do should have even the slightest affect on U.S. policy. Or on other countries, people or inanimate objects. (Swampland)

Why ‘The Worm’ Can’t Be a Diplomat. And yet, there’s the frightening reality that Dennis Rodman may now know more personally about Kim Jong Un than any U.S. official alive. (SB Nation)

Ranking Rapper Name Changes: From least bizarre to most bizarre, naturally. To be honest, we’re still a bit thrown by Lil’ Bow-Wow dropping the Lil’. Let’s hope Lil Poopy never does the same. (Flavorwire)

Did Pirates Really Make People Walk the Plank? If not, having the plank in the first place seems a little superfluous, no? (mental_floss)

24 Very Important Next-Level Waffles. While we’re on the subject, it bears mentioning that Belgian waffles are wildly overrated and someone needs to do something about it. Maybe that British Batman guy is available. (BuzzFeed)

RIP TweetDeck. Twitter is killing off one of its most popular dashboard products, at least on mobile devices. Developers will now focus on creating a web app version. (Gizmodo)

Today is National Absinthe Day. Let’s all book flights to New Orleans, you guys. (Eatocracy)

The One About Mila Kunis and the British Kid. Aren’t press junket interviews just the best? (YouTube via Vulture)