Starbucks Puts Hazelnut Syrup on Caramel Macchiato, Unveils it as New Drink

Stop the French presses!

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A cup of coffee is seen in Starbucks' Vigo Street branch in Mayfair, central London January 11, 2013.

In a coffee coup for the history books, Starbucks Coffee Co. announced today that it will add a new hazelnut macchiato to its core lineup of espresso beverages. The sweet drink is the Seattle-based chain’s first permanent addition to the menu in 16 years, Starbucks told TIME.

Like the company’s ever-popular caramel macchiato, the hazelnut iteration will also be made with vanilla syrup, milk, a layer of foam and espresso on top (one shot for a tall, two for the grande and venti sizes). But — wait for it — the new drink will be topped with a drizzle of hazelnut sauce instead of caramel. See the difference?

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Undoubtedly, the hazelnut macchiato will be a hit. Starbucks reports that hazelnut is the one of the chain’s most popular syrup flavors, second only to vanilla.

“Starbucks baristas use the world’s finest espresso to craft each beverage by hand, with unparalleled passion and expertise,” said Cliff Burrows, Starbucks’ Americas president, in a press release. “No beverage better demonstrates this level of craftsmanship than our signature four-layered Macchiato, and we know customers will love this new member of our espresso beverage family.”

Because the hazelnut creation differs only slightly from its caramel sister, it’s a low-risk gamble for Starbucks. Even if it doesn’t do well, baristas can easily ditch the hazelnut drizzle and market a new “naked” macchiato. We’re betting it would do well on the streets of Seattle.

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