Survey: The Top 5 Airports to Hook Up in

Did you meet the love of your life while delayed at the airport? Neither did we, but maybe that's because we were in the wrong security line.

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Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel / MCT via Getty Images

Passengers wait in line at the B-side security checkpoint at Orlando International Airport

Did you meet the love of your life while delayed at the airport?

Neither has NewsFeed, but apparently people do — and now, there’s a website for them., whose motto insists, improbably, that “the fun begins when you arrive at the airport,” has released a list provocatively titled “The Top Airports in the U.S. to ‘Hook Up.'”

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Now, the term “hook up” should be approached carefully, because in modern parlance it can mean a lot of different things, from a friendly coffee in the terminal’s Starbucks to a romp in a room the airport hotel. But by analyzing criteria including airport size, Yelp ratings and the quality and availability of food, bars, and entertainment — combined with the results of their own member’s survey — the folks have determined the following airports are best for people who are interested in making a different kind of connection.

1) Orlando International Airport: With 54 restaurants and bars,  MCO also has a Hyatt Regency Hotel on the premises where — ahem — deals can be sealed without having to travel far at all.

2) Miami International Airport: On-time departure rates are about 77% here, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. That leaves people with plenty of time on their hands to spend with an attractive someone. There are also 88 restaurants, bars and other amenities to keep your socializing well-lubricated.

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3) Newark International Airport: In NewsFeed’s experience, common flight delays mean you can spend more time at this airport than you will at your actual destination. But that just means you could cross paths with a variety of different types people at this New York City-area transit hub. That said, New Yorkers move pretty fast — but if you are speedy enough to catch one, it might be worth your while.

4) Logan International Airport: Boston’s main airport doesn’t have a lot to brag about in the amenities department. But winters in Beantown are rough enough to prompt travel delays on a consistent basis, which can easily lead to flirting if you’re stuck with the right person.

5) Philadelphia International Airport: This is a case in which size does matter. This airport is huge, and walking its halls, you will find no fewer than 16 bars, 7 lounges and 57 restaurants — all places to meet others who are traversing East Coast air hubs. If you’re doing the same, there’s a chance you’ll meet your dreamboat — but be careful of running into dinghys.