WATCH: Stephen Colbert Schools James Franco in Lord Of The Rings Trivia Smackdown

One does not simply beat Stephen Colbert at 'Lord of the Rings' trivia.

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When it comes to Lord of the Rings trivia, no one beats Stephen Colbert. Not even James Franco.

When the actor stopped by The Colbert Report to promote his new film, Oz the Great and Powerful, he challenged the host to another round of trivia based on J.R.R. Tolkein’s books. The last time the two squared off, Franco lost when he was unable to give the reason that Galadriel came to Middle Earth — prompting Colbert to recall that the the faux talk show host “smoked him like a ham.”

And thus, again: When Franco quizzed Colbert on details from Tolkien’s Silmarillion, a fairly arcane companion work to the LOTR trilogy, Colbert didn’t miss a beat, displaying some next level nerddom we have trouble contemplating, let alone figuring out how to spell. We tip our Elven helms to you, sir.

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