Boy Scouts Can Now Earn a Merit Badge for Game Design

The Boy Scouts of America has just released its newest ‘Games Design’ badge, which is just exactly what it sounds like it entails.

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Boy Scouts of America

Entrepreneurial kids can now add one more badge to their roster in their quest to become an Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts of America has just released its newest badge, for ‘Games Design’ — which is exactly what it sounds like.

The badge, which was officially added to the merit badge program on March 6, is the 131st merit badge on the active list, according to Kotaku. The exact specifications however are still being sent out to local chapters, where no doubt boys are already dreaming about becoming the next great video game creator.

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According to Scouting Magazine, the requirements revolve around creating an actual game in four different categories. Each designed game must fall in either the electronic, outdoor, tabletop or role-playing games category. (Scouts also must be law-abiding citizens; as part of the rules, each Boy Scout is required to define and explain the concept of intellectual property, and, presumably, not “borrow” their designs from some other gamer.)

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If all else fails, aspiring Scouts can also turn to the video game badge and earn their very own ‘Video Games Belt Loop’ badge. And yes, it involves playing video games.