Kiss Me, I’m Irish! Video Goes Viral

Looking for some luck of the Irish? How about a free kiss!

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There’s only two more shopping days left till St. Patrick’s Day — that unique holiday of green milkshakes, ridiculous hats and maybe even a little alcohol. And what better way to celebrate than with a little kiss for good luck?

YouTube video prankster Stuart Edge went out with Preston and Kathleen, two “genuine” Irish people (although their accents had a suspiciously American twang) to see what would happen if they offered free kisses — and a bit of Irish luck — to the unsuspecting public.

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Some people figured it was a trick; others had to ask if they were really Irish. But a few were more enthusiastic: when offered a free kiss from Preston, one young lady replied she was “so down for that.” Unfortunately Preston’s luck quickly runs out and he is accused of “kiss raping,” one poor girl who had politely reminded him she “has a boyfriend.” Kathleen, however, had much better luck. One suitor who kissed her for a solid half-minute explained, “I have a test coming up.” We hope he had good luck.

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