WATCH: Street Performer Punches Annoying Guy

Would you have done the same?

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Nobody likes getting picked on at work, and most people will think this idiot got exactly what he deserved for bothering a street performer in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Love them or hate them, those guys who eke out a few coins from passing tourists by dressing up in metallic paint are just trying to earn an honest buck. After all, those costumes are swelteringly hot, you’re on your feet all day and the preparation takes hours.

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So when a passing class clown desperate to be the center of attention starts messing with the act — re-adjusting his hat, rubbing makeup off his face and, crime of all crimes, administering a ‘wet willy’ — even the most saintly of dispositions must have a breaking point. The clip has received almost 7 million YouTube hits plus a litany of comments such as “should have punched him harder!” It seems the jury of public opinion is unlikely to convict.

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