Reading While Eating for March 21: Tina Fey, the Tonight Show and Twinkies

Today's roundup of lunch links is dedicated to (almost) all your favorite things that start with the letter T.

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Yuya Shino / Reuters

Visitors sit next to cardboard cutouts of anime characters at a booth at the Tokyo International Anime Fair in Tokyo March 21, 2013. The fair, one of the world's largest animation expos, runs until March 24 and is expected to attract around 100,000 visitors, according to organizers.

You Betcha!: Tina Fey revived her Sarah Palin impression, and it looks like you can see Russia from Inside the Actors Studio after all. (Gawker)

Freedom Gets the Axe: A student at Freedom High School in Pennsylvania was hospitalized after exposure to too much Axe Body Spray. Here’s a health tip: When something smells like teen spirit, run. (Huffington Post)

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Cosby sweaters have blogs devoted to them, but we know the real king of TV sweaters is Mr. Rogers. What we didn’t know? He has an asteroid named after him. (mental_floss)

All Buzzed Out: Tech and music junkies are still coming down from SXSW madness, but aspiring next-big-things are already planning another round of tacos, beer and making dreams come true. Is it worth it for new bands? (Flavorwire)

Don’t Call It a Comeback: After a near (corporate) death experience, Twinkies are going to live on — and not just because of the chemicals and preservatives. (TIME)

Host with the Most: Here’s some news to slow jam — Jimmy Fallon is reportedly committed to taking over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno. (The New York Times)

Octofraud: Ever find yourself wondering what’s new with Nadya Suleman? Neither do we, but — surprise! — the mother of 14 is getting investigated for welfare fraud after earning $200,000 of her own money last year.  (The Daily

A Couple of Couples: Fans of Fox sitcoms, don’t get cocky. You’ve already got New Girl’s Nick and Jess together, don’t think The Mindy Project‘s Danny and Mindy are going to follow suit — says Mindy Kaling. (Vulture)

Social Television: Yes, you’re sad Enlightened got canceled, but before you look up at the sky, shake your fist and take HBO’s name in vain, take some responsibility — you probably just didn’t tweet enough to save its ratings. (Fast Company)

Idiot Box: You know what’s cool? A million? A billion! That’s how many users YouTube now has, which makes it as colossal as Facebook. (The Atlantic)

If the Status Ain’t Hood: Apparel startup American Giant’s hoodie is apparently the greatest hoodie ever. (Slate)

Ask Me Anything: Reddit is launching a new video initiative inspired by its Explain Like I’m Five series, posts where users dumb down complex topics with child-friendly simplicity. (BuzzFeed)