WATCH: Ramona the Lonely Goldendoodle Wants to Marry Bo Obama

2-year-old Ramona is absolutely in love with the First Dog and believes they will make an awesome couple.

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Ramona has been lovesick these days. The 2-year-old goldendoodle has a big canine crush on America’s First Pup Bo Obama and she has made a marriage proposal to the Portuguese water dog via Youtube.

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In a video produced by the Oregon Humane Society for its annual fundraiser the Doggie Dash, the goldendoodle (a golden retriever-poodle mix, in case you were wondering) dreams of being the first Dog-Lady, Mrs. Ramona Obama. She also asks Bo to be her date for the fundraising event in May, promising Bo that he will be as in love with her as she is with him (via a smoochy letter signed with a pink paw print).

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The non-profit has “cordially” invited Bo to be the Grand Dog Marshal of their 26th annual Doggie Dash, and also launched an online petition to bring the First Dog to Portland. So far, it has gathered about 700 signatures.

The White House has not responded to Ramona’s proposal, although it’s not likely the goldendoodle will be visiting the Oval Office any time soon. In his acceptance speech after winning reelection in November, President Obama joked that “for now, one dog is probably enough.”

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