Is This the Most Expensive Vacation of All Time?

Does the $1.5 million trip beat a share in the Hamptons? Quite possibly

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A picture taken on Oct. 11, 2012, shows the pyramid of Khafre in Giza, southwest of central Cairo, after the reopening of the site

A two-year “trip of a lifetime,” costing $1.5 million, is being launched by and London luxury travel agent Hurlingham Travel for two people with extremely deep pockets.

A general itinerary has been put together that will surely put your forthcoming summer vacation to shame. And if you’re thinking of switching from your week at the beach to undertaking a trip of this magnitude, you’ll presumably be hoping to get some serious bang for your buck.

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It’s doubtful you’ll feel let down. The best parts of 1,000 bucket-list destinations will be included, such as Cambodia’s Angkor temples, the Forbidden City in Beijing, Egypt’s pyramids, Machu Picchu in Peru and Mexico’s ancient mountain city of Monte Albán, among many others.

How much interest has there been thus far? According to Andrew Barker, managing director of Hurlingham Travel, “we’ve got three enquiries we’re working on at the moment,” he tells TIME. “We have to take it day by day until we get to a point where we know it’s getting serious so we’ll need to take a small nonrefundable deposit in order to create the itinerary because it’s an extensive amount of work.”

But fear not: if you’re one of the interested parties, you’ll be resting up in style as only business or first-class travel will be used for all flights, and you’ll stay at some of the world’s finest hotels. Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo told the Evening Standard, “There is no doubt that this will be one of most thrilling, memorable and inspiring experiences a couple could ever wish for.”

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All the UNESCO World Heritage sites will hopefully get ticked off on the epic journey, and a donation of $7,600 is included in the hefty price tag. In total, some 150 countries will be visited, though VeryFirstTo mentions that “only destinations that are safe and pragmatic to visit will be featured.” This probably means that the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will prove too dangerous to step foot in.

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