Reading While Eating for Mar. 25: Darlings of the Dance

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Florida Gulf Coast University continues its Cinderella run in the NCAA tournament, and the political debate over gay marriage may have reached its end.

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Rob Carr / Getty Images

Eric McKnight of the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles celebrates with Sherwood Brown #25 in the second half while taking on the San Diego State Aztecs during the third round of the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Wells Fargo Center on March 24 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Florida Gulf Coast University Takes NCAA Tournament By Storm. The 22-year-old Ft. Myers-based college became the first No. 15 seed to reach the Sweet Sixteen, taking out Georgetown and San Diego State University over the weekend. (Keeping Score)

Is the Political Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage Over? It may well be, regardless of the two landmark cases that the Supreme Court will hear this week. (Washington Post)

Today Is the First Day of Passover. Here’s a few recipes from around the world to mark the occasion. (Eatocracy)

Speaking of Around the World… A new report has named Iceland the globe’s most tourist-friendly country. We can confirm that this is a fair assessment, even if you’re circumnavigating the island while crammed into a small car with three other people for two weeks. (NewsFeed)

The Best Breakup Lines in Film. Probably not best to re-use any of these—especially one from Legally Blonde—if you’re planning a change in your personal life, but that’s your call. (Flavorwire)

Why Isn’t Anyone Going to Comedies? Admission, 21 and Over and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone have all flopped in recent months. High-concept plots could be to blame. (BuzzFeed)

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About DuckTales. People did know that Darkwing Duck was spun off from DuckTales though, right? They’re both about animated ducks who can talk. Kind of a niche market. (mental_floss)

You Can Create a 3D Print of Yourself Made out of Candy. ‘Nuff said. (The Daily What)

Tough Times for the Today Show. The drama at NBC is now split between its late-night programming and morning flagship show. For all intents and purposes, Matt Lauer has been cast in the Jay Leno role. (New York Magazine)

The New Dexter Promo is Here. The show’s eighth and final season will air in the fall. Still no word on whether season seven guest star Yvonne Strahovski will return. (YouTube via Warming Glow)