Tilda Swinton Slept in a Glass Box at the Museum of Modern Art

And she's going to do it at six more random times in the next year

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Richard Drew / AP

Actress Tilda Swinton performs the art of sleeping in her one-person piece called "The Maybe" in New York City's Museum of Modern Art on March 25, 2013

What did you do this weekend? If catching up on sleep was on your agenda, Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton shared the same weekend of relaxation. Only she did it in full view of a museum full of gawkers.

The British actress made a surprise appearance on Saturday at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, sleeping in a glass box as part of an installation called The Maybe. And she was spotted snoozing there today as well, Gothamist reports. BuzzFeed snapped this picture:

[tweet https://twitter.com/BuzzFeedNews/status/316220556699660290%5D

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And it’s not the only time she’ll be taking a snooze at the Manhattan museum. Swinton will be sleeping in the elevated box — which includes cushions and a water jug — six more times throughout the year. And like the one on Saturday, her performance will be unannounced. Yet this weekend’s piece was curious timing, as Swinton’s artful napping follows her recent gig starring in David Bowie’s new music video, in which she does the “electric knife ballet.”

Swinton first performed this role in 1995 at London’s Serpentine Gallery — attracting more than 22,ooo visitors — and again in 1996 at Rome’s Museo Barracco. The exhibit is being put on in collaboration with Turner Prize–shortlisted artist Cornelia Parker.

The Twitterverse has long considered Swinton’s existence an art piece itself. Kick-Ass actress Chloë Moretz tweeted an Instagram photo of Swinton in the box:

[tweet https://twitter.com/ChloeGMoretz/status/316061267255234560%5D

Comments (and jokes) on Swinton’s art-imitating-life endeavor have been tagged #TheMaybe and #Tildaing:

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