Reading While Eating for Mar. 26: Same-Sex Marriage Arrives in the Supreme Court

Today's lunch links feature a primer on what to expect in the Supreme Court same-sex marriage case and a new-must read from Buzz Bissinger, about Buzz Bissinger.

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JEWEL SAMAD / AFP/Getty Images

Same-sex marriage supporters shout slogans in front of the US Supreme Court on March 26.

All Eyes on SCOTUS. Oral arguments for the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage case—Hollingsworth v. Perry—begin today, more than four years after California’s Prop 8 was passed. (Washington Post)

Why the Supreme Court is Likely to Rule for Gay Marriage. The vote is likely to come down to Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has frequently sided with gay litigants during his time on the bench. (

Thinking About Camping Out in Front of the Supreme Court? Please reconsider—the weather has been rather unpleasant of late and concrete is not a pleasant sleeping surface. But if you are undeterred, here are 36 things you’ll need to know about taking up a temporary residence outside the nation’s most powerful court. (BuzzFeed)

Other Courts Are Also Making Rulings. Like the one in Rome that overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox, accused of murdering her 21-year-old British roommate in 2007. Italian officials are expected to request that Knox be extradited back to Italy to once again stand trial. (New York Times)

Fascinating Photos of Famous Authors as Teenagers. If someone can please explain what is happening on top of Mark Twain’s head in the fifth photo, we’d be much obliged. (Flavorwire)

More Unfortunate Teenage News. Remember that kid from Los Angeles who invited two-time Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton to his senior prom? Yeah, that’s not happening. (People via The Daily What)

Watch 24 Hours of Internet Activity in Eight Seconds. Warning: Contents may wrinkle your brain. (mental_floss)

Your Must-Read Longread of the Day. So everyone knows Buzz Bissinger, right? Author of Friday Night Lights, former critic of blogs, intermittently prolific Tweeter? This GQ story about his prolific shopping habits—and other idiosyncrasies—may have you seeing him in a different light. (GQ)

A New Trailer for World War Z. It has Brad Pitt, but doesn’t look as though fans of the original book by Max Brooks should be expecting a particularly precise adaptation. (YouTube via FilmDrunk)