WATCH: Celebrity Jeopardy Pits Joseph Gordon-Levitt Against Kirsten Dunst — in 1997

The stars of "Looper" and "The Virgin Suicides" get quizzed old school

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You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kirsten Dunst as the stars of the rather serious films 50/50 and Melancholia, but back in 1997 they were just eager teen celebrities excited to be contestants on a charity game of Celebrity Jeopardy.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the footage of their appearance has been unearthed and shared worldwide. The clip reveals three very enthusiastic contestants: Levitt (retrospectively amusingly called “Joey”), Dunst and Benjamin Salisbury from The Nanny, the Fran Drescher-driven sitcom. While [spoiler alert] Salisbury ended up winning the game, no one matched “Joey’s” enthusiasm. This was especially true when Jeopardy host Alex Trebek asked a question related to Holden Caulfield. “Oooh! Oooh!” Gordon-Levitt cried, buzzing in quickly before happily giving the correct “question” of “What is Catcher in the Rye?,” chirpily adding “that’s my favorite book!”


Buzzfeed helpfully explicated the entire episode, with a rundown of categories, what charities each of the teens selected to receive their winnings and noting the sad fact that no one seemed to know the book “Moby Dick.”

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