13 Parodies of the Human Rights Campaign’s Red Equal Sign

Bert and Ernie, bacon, dancing bears–this was inevitable.

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Oatmeal via KnowYourMeme

Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign’s pink-and-red equal sign went viral — becoming the online symbol of the gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week. But, this being the Internet, nothing gold (or in this case, red) can stay — since the image is everywhere already, cue the multitude of parodies. Some have made us roll our eyes, others inspired chuckles, and the rare one made us seriously guffaw. We’ve culled some of our favorites from Facebook and meme-generators like KnowYourMeme and WeKnowMemes. 

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No matter which way this case goes, both sides will be drinking — and Bud Light knows that. (Facebook)



As man’s best friend, dogs deserve similar equality. Here, a canine creation shared by Garrett Rosso, formerly an art director for TIME. (Facebook)



Here, TIME Photo Editor Tanner Curtis seamlessly blends two memes – the equal sign and the photo of a Goosebumps-loving, pigtailed, hopelessly nerdy girl that has been going viral ever since it was posted on Reddit in March 2012.


Tanner Curtis

Speaking of characters, you’ll like this Peanuts parody — featuring Peppermint Patty and her best friend Marcie — shared by “Being Liberal,” a Facebook group for “liberally-minded people” that boasts more than 620,000 fans. (Facebook)


Just note: Sesame Street‘s Bert and Ernie are not going to get married anytime soon, the show has confirmed. (WeKnowMemes):



If any fictional character is as wise as the Supreme Court justices, it would be Yoda, the fictional sage who trains Jedis in Star Wars. George Takei, Star Trek actor, is posting sci-fi-themed spoofs on his Facebook page. (Facebook)



Deadheads: the Grateful Dead’s iconic dancing bears are getting into the act. TIME Senior Editor Jeffrey Kluger shared this picture. (Facebook)


This landmark Supreme Court case calls for parodies using…landmarks — such as the Seattle Space Needle. (Facebook)



Or New York’s Statue of Liberty, the ultimate symbol of freedom to immigrants and foreigners worldwide. (Visible Friends Network)



American cook Paula Deen taught us that everything is better with butter. (KnowYourMeme):


More comfort food. (KnowYourMeme)


We’ll see if this appeal to high culture appeals to the nation’s highest court–inspired by American painter Mark Rothko’s abstract art. (KnowYourMeme)