Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Going to Have His Own Variety Show

He'll take your pitches now.

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Hey fans of 500 Days of Summer and Looper: actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to have a variety show, you can be a part of it.

The show, called HitRECord on TV!, is a partnership between Gordon-Levitt’s own personal production company and new channel network Pivot. “I dressed up, because this is really big news,” Gordon-Levitt declared in a video.

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The show will launch in August, when the Pivot network finally goes on air. The channel is aimed at the 18-34 demographic and is a division of Participant Media.

The 30-minute television show, according to Gordon-Levitt, will feature short fims, live performances and a variety of other acts. It’s a collaborative production, so anyone can pitch in to the show. If it’s selected, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will pay for the works. “This is not a marketing gimmick,” the actor emphasized, pointing out his background in variety shows.

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Gordon-Levitt started HitRECord with his brother back in 2005. The website was launched back in 2010, where a short video was also screened at the Sundance Film Festival.