WATCH: Drugged Teen Laments Loss of ‘Murdered’ Wisdom Teeth

What is the penalty for 'denticide'?

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A Kansas teenager recovering from having wisdom teeth removed has become an Internet sensation after her boyfriend posted a film of her tearful ramblings on YouTube.

Abbie Kritz was still feeling distinctly woozy while being driven back home from the dentist and uses the journey to apologize profusely to her extracted teeth for “murdering” them. Her mom and boyfriend attempt to consol her despite their obvious amusement.

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“They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them,” she mournfully explains. “I could have accepted them … I did it against my own will, I would have kept you.” Media outlets from across the country have now picked up the clip and Kritz is scheduled to appear on ABC News’ Good Morning America on Friday morning.

Despite Kritz’s obvious embarrassment, there were apparently no permanent side effects from her ordeal once the anesthetic finally wore off. “No it was actually really great! I don’t remember anything after the procedure [and] I was fine the next day,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

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