April Fools’ Day 2013: The 10 Best Pranks From Around The Web

Did someone get you today?

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Has someone put your stapler in a Jello mold? Are you plotting your revenge right now? Well if you need some inspiration, check out how the biggest websites and companies have attempted to dupe Americans today as we celebrate April Fools’ Day.

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WATCH: YouTube Announces It Will Shut Down

Google freaked out viral video lovers by announcing that YouTube will shut down. It also rolled out new products like Google Nose, “the new scentsation in search,” and “Treasure Maps,” based on a pirate map pulled out of the Indian Ocean during an “underwater Street View expedition.”


Twitter joked that basic users can only tweet with consonants; to use vowels, they will have to pay $5 a month.

[tweet https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/318577428610031617%5D

If you want a hot meal delivered by a hot guy or gal, check out Seamless.com’s new “Deluxe Delivery” service.


Future space tourists may want to invest in “Skype into Space.”

Picture 149


If you prefer traveling within Earth, then consider booking a seat on Virgin’s new “glass-bottomed plane.”

Picture 152


Browse Netflix’s newest categories, such as “Movies Featuring an Epic Nicholas Cage Meltdown.”

Picture 148


Don’t be fooled by College Humor’s rather pricy “paywall.” Even the website knows it wouldn’t succeed, joking: “Did you get got? Click here to see the joke again. Or, wait, would anyone actually pay? Email us if so.”

Picture 147

College Humor

Pack rats and neat freaks may want to sign up for Birchbox’s new subscription service:

Picture 151


And a U.S. military news release says it will start training cats and integrating them into the military police to cut down on military spending. The first fearless feline seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Grumpy Cat.


Photo Credit: Spc. Tametrius Walker / army.mil
But don’t worry, cool cats: if you don’t meet the military’s requirements, then you can still be a star on Vimeo’s new network “Vimeow.”
Picture 150